The Game of life is won by those who are having fun. When we set out to do something new we can approach it like a danger and be fearful, or we can laugh with reckless abandon and play.  It is those that love the game that get better, that takes it seriously, that enjoy the drudge work. It is the solitary hours of the artist and writer that are filled with quiet happiness that the consumer doesn’t understand. The love of the game and getting to play is its own reward. Life is a game and everyone is playing. The best makeup the rules as they go.


Those who live in the past are stuck to repeat it.  They look for confirmation of what they already believe. They lack the imagination to see the future. They rely on experience believing that they are equipped to handle the future.  The truth is only creativity and courage can handle the future.  Old solutions do not always solve new problems. Creativity requires new ways of seeing and doing things. It doesn’t depend on the past, but doesn’t despise it either. Creativity lets go of all judgment and looks to the task at hand and wants to play with it to get the job done.


To be alive is to grow and experience the challenges and to keep moving forward.  To truly live, we must be charging a fire breathing dragon of a goal.  Set out to conquer the mountain of a challenge. It is the long journey of intentional self-development. That ever onward mindset that is grounded in humility and pushed forward by ambition, that is self-development.  The fact is, there is no one making you get better, in fact the world doesn’t care if you don’t.  It is up to you (when I say you I mean me) to get better to try and fail; it is our battle to win or lose.  We must set our personal worth not on what we have done, or at our current level, but on our aspirations and plans to achieve them. We don’t live by the standards set by others but by our own.  We will be our harshest critic and our own biggest fan.  We will live as fighters and die as champions.