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First and foremost, this blog is for intellectual entertainment. It is at times tongue and cheek and at other times black and white, with an uppercut of gray. No matter what its intention is entertainment.

This blog is a force for good. Like Batman, we are punching bad thoughts, like bad guys, in the dick. We are kicking the shit out of negativity until our readers only shit rainbow ice-cream and hand it to their bad thoughts in waffle cones.

Remember, life is too short to shrink back and let Jesus take the wheel. Also, He doesn’t want it, if he did, he wouldn’t have called shotgun. He isn’t even holing a road map and directing you. He is letting you make the call and hoping you don’t run into oncoming traffic.

This blog isn’t for everyone, it is only for the crazy ones. The ones who are willing to laugh in the face of their untimely demise and say, “That’s about right.” We aren’t the ones who got it right; we didn’t learn the shit they tried to cram down our throats in school as the way to succeed. We are rebels, pirates, and nonconformists, we see the world differently and act accordingly. We are free.

To reiterate: This blog is like the fucking Borg in Star Trek we are trying to assimilate others into our thought patterns… Not really, this blog is for my tribe of people who are connected in spirit as free thinkers. We are rugged, upbeat, low brow, thaumaturgist.

The purpose of this blog is not edutainment! Even though Nino Olson is a profound guru, he has nothing to teach. Even though he has spent countless life times going through the Karmic cycles. He is not the Buddha or Christ and will not save your soul, enlighten you, or help you move furniture. His writing is for entertainment, if he teaches anything, it will be through humor because in this incarnation, his life is a joke. His writings are his opinions on facts, fictions, and the dance between reality and imagination, in other words; he dances with his angels and plays laser tag with his lesser demons.

For reals, Nino Olson is an upbeat, low brow, creative thinker. He is a bibliophile and an avid consumer of non-fiction books. He is an ENFP on the Myers Briggs, an Aries, born in the year of the Monkey, the culminating of Peter Pan, the Cheshire Cat and the fantastic Mr. Fox, not to be mistaken for a rouge youth. He is shorter than the average “white” American but the perfect size for his Puerto Rican -Mexican bloodline (that’s right, he’s not white). He is very handsome to some and ignore-able to others.

Nino is for all means and purposes a Unicorn. He is the embodiment of the Laughing Buddha in this life and all the ones he has previously lived. He plans to continue in the same manner in the next few, God willing. Life is too fun to only have one after all.

Also, Nino is covering the cost to keep ads out of this bitch, you’re welcome 😉

Vaya Con Dios

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