What Others Think

The only reason we worry about other people's perception of us is because we want something from them. That is my general belief about why we care. We don't necessarily want their money, we might want their respect, love, attention, admiration, a favor, or we want it something from them in the future. I want … Continue reading What Others Think

Take Notes

I have a couple of notebooks, they are full of quotes and ideas from books, random sources, and my interpretation of them. They have almost no source references, I do that so I don't get stuck thinking about where they came from, but try to think about them in a new context. Removing the idea … Continue reading Take Notes

Thank You

I wake up and write with zero expectations of anyone reading what I write. And even after it has been read, I have less expectations of someone liking it. I am more surprised and delighted when you choose to follow. Thank you. The thing with being a writer is I live with these thoughts. I … Continue reading Thank You

Do It Your Way

You don't have to follow anyone's preordained path to do creative work. In fact their way might just shut you down creatively and you might feel blocked. And if you do the worst part about a block is we question ourselves instead of the process we are using. The reason is creativity isn't a copy … Continue reading Do It Your Way