Nino Olson, Life Coach

Good Morning, Let’s Go. There is something about the habit of writing that makes people certain of what they believe. They write it down and reinforce their own thinking. Right or wrong, they are committed- shit, everyone has read what they wrote. They can’t go back now. Stupid. It is like the religious fervor aroundContinue reading “Nino Olson, Life Coach”

Fiction and The Use of It

Good morning, let’s go! The world is full of people you don’t know, but have they have the same basic needs and wants. They have different personalities. They have different desires. They have different circumstances and situations. When these things come together over time we get the world we live in now. The joy ofContinue reading “Fiction and The Use of It”

The Life and Death of Dreams

Good morning, let’s go. Change is a big, big, big fucking deal. Some changes set us back. Other changes move us forward. No change sets us back. For us to live things need to change. Living things change: They move, they grow, they produce offspring, they nurture. Dreams if living, will change over time. NobodyContinue reading “The Life and Death of Dreams”