Chase Fire

Good morning, Let’s go! There is something pulling at me. It is the truth that what I want isn’t what I say I want.  The world wants things. It has preset desires. The world… People, people want things. People want to be safe and secure. People want to be caged animals. They want to be…More

Work and Dreams

Good Morning, lets go. So, NaNoWriMO has been going on. I should be writing that right now instead of this. But instead here we are, I just gotta say the writing frequency on this blog is going to be off. I thought I would be able to write for a few minutes after working on…More

Writing- Pantser, Plotting, and NANOWRIMO

Hey, I know it is late. But let’s go anyway. Alright, nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It is a hard work. The word count to hit is 50,000 words. Those words do not exist until they get put down. I as you know am participating in it. Shit is hard work. This is only…More