The View Must Get Smaller

The world changes and for most of us the big news of the day just adds pressure. Some of the news is relevant, some necessary, but most just fear gaining attention. It jumps out at you like there is something you can do about it. The News that is. The news anchors like little heralds…More

Process and Getting Shit Done

Good morning, let’s go. We all start a journey of life as a prebuilt character. Our height, our skin color, our, facial features, our abilities, our hair type and color, all that with a set of genetic instructions passed down from the beginning of human life on earth. And let’s be honest that shit isn’t…More

Information Age and Consumer Habits Are Not For Thinkers

Good Morning, let’s go. Not everyone thinks. They may have initial thoughts, reactions, or insight, but that is as far as it goes. Most people do not stop to think. They read headlines of an article assume it is true. Shit, they read the headline and believe they read the article. Their understanding of what…More