The Work Of Leaders and The Problems of Today, Kind of.

Good morning, let’s get it. The work. It is on my fucking mind. Why? Because we have problems. As a global community, we have problems. As nations, we have problems. As cities, we have problems. As small communities, that’s fucking right, we have problems. Because, as individuals we have a lot of problems. Unfortunately, all…More

Politics and People

Politics is a beast that comes to steal your peace. People need to get along. People need rules to live by. People are both good and evil. People are imperfect. People have had many ways of self governance. People have bent the knee to political ideologies and lost their humanity and freedom. People need politics…More

The Freedom To Be Authentic

Good Morning, let’s dive in. The world, all the systems in the world, from work to religion has a hierarchy. The higher you climb the less human you become. The higher you climb, the more people care about what you do. The more they care, the more you have to care what they think. What…More