When You Feel Like Life is Against You, Remember This

Good morning, let’s go. You are a big fucking deal. Everything it took to get you to this point in life is amazing. Human history got you to this point, parents, educators, good and bad decisions all got you here. Everything worked to put you in this place, in this story. It is yours to…More

Dreams That Haunt Us

Good Morning, let’s do this. There are creative dreams that never leave us. When someone else does something like it our hearts leap. When we think about doing it, we feel the excitement. When we give in to our deep urges we get a bitter joy. The bitterness is because we should have never stopped…More

Our Starting Point In Life Begins When WE Decide to Take Charge

Good morning, let’s go. The fucking inciting incident. In storytelling, that happens in the beginning of a story. Before that there are two common things. First, the hero of the story has a routine, a way of being. The second thing, the hero has a desire that he or she believes will make their life…More