Nanowrimo 2022, What A Mess

Good morning, let’s go. Well, I decided to commit to writing a book this month. Glad to say I lost good sleep and the sleep I did have was of dread. I dreamt I started and couldn’t get any traction on the story I was trying to write. Funny- but not. So, this morning I…More

October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year

Good morning, let’s go. We got two months left of the year. That is it 61 days. 61 days to new resolutions.61 days to new goals.61 days to new diets.61 days to put off doing shit you should have done 304 days ago. Tomorrow is November… For writers it is the temptation month of nanowrimo.…More

Stories Have Heroes

Good Morning, let’s get it. The stories we love have a hero we connect with. In every story, every good story, They put our hero or something the hero cares about in jeopardy. It sucks to be the hero. Their story isn’t rooted in smoothing sailing, it is based in their struggle. We connect with…More