The Warrior or The Healer?

Good Morning, let’s go. In today’s modern culture, we have shit wrong. We imagine the guy who can lift heavy weights, beat someone up, or do something athletic is a great hero. But the truth is they don’t play the most important role in our societies. They aren’t as needed as teachers, doctors, farmers, andContinue reading “The Warrior or The Healer?”

The Socail Standards and Some Sh!T on How Things Are

Good Morning, Let’s roll. Don’t FUCKING measure your life by the standards of society. There are rich people who had all of the advantages, connections, and good genetics. There are poor people who had only one disadvantage and it wouldn’t let them rise out of their life’s situation. There are physically gifted athletes that neverContinue reading “The Socail Standards and Some Sh!T on How Things Are”