Choose To Be World Class

Good morning, let’s get into it. The choices we make don’t always reflect who we are and what we are capable of. It would seem as though it would on the surfaces. But we all live in the context of something else. Something more is going on and we don’t have all the information. We…More

WE Are Mighty

Good Morning, let’s jump in. There are times I feel powerless. Like I cannot change things that need to be changed. It feels like I am looking at the bottom of the barrel and wondering if I look up am I a fish someone else is ready to shoot. I know we are all feeling…More

Pro Choice

Good evening, let’s jump in. I wrote the below post for my personal Facebook page. I believe it is important to share here. Today we see the importance of having clear laws made by congress. Our freedom should have been made law and not pushed off to judges. Our rights shouldn’t be overturned by nine…More