Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Life, It Won’t Fit You

What matters is what happens in your head. I know, crazy shit to think. But there are thousands of books on manifesting your life, the law of attraction, how to pray, why your prayers aren’t answered, and many more. These books that are meant to shape your worldview, revise the world to help you take…More

Choosing To Be Who You Are In This Life is an Ongoing Process

You are. Two separate conversations about two weeks apart. One with a young man early twenties, the other an older man late forties. The first tried to convince me you are what you do, your title or action. The second was pondering who we are when we are at home and what it means to…More

What Voice Of Reason Will You Listen to?

Who you talk with and listen to will influence how you think about life. 90’s Music might be cool or nostalgic, but a lot of it is depressing. The same goes with a lot gangsta rap, country, and christian worship music- it will fuck up your head space. Sometimes the best thing to do is…More