It Is Good To Be You

Good Morning, let dive in. If you cannot be yourself and accept your fuck ups, you will not be happy. Cringe moments, the feeling of embarrassment, and the shame of making a mistake are life threatening. They hold most people back from really living. They can’t take the emotional pain of put themselves out there.…More

Responding To The News

Good Morning, and let’s get started. There are things in and out of our control. The problem with modern life is we cannot distinguish between the two. Everything is eminent. We have our phones right in our face and in that we have the news. No, it is not always news. It is modern history.…More

The Fear Of Attention

Let’s cut the bullshit. You are a social fucking animal. You care what the tribe thinks of you, you care what the family unit thinks of you, and you care what that fucker a million miles away on the internet thinks of you because we were born to connect to each other- it fucking sucks.…More