Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses

Good morning, let’s go. With the world imploding because of our abuse of the planet, greed, and ableism. There is a shit ton of bad news. All the fucking time. Not only that we, humanity, act like our bullshit hobbies are more important that reality. We act as if because someone has money, they haveContinue reading “Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses”

Being Responsible Can Change The World

Good morning, let’s get it! The world is yours, treat it well. Your body is yours, treat it well. Your family is yours, treat it well. Your mind is yours, treat it well.Your community is yours, treat it well.Your soul is yours, treat it well.Your friends are yours, treat them well. Taking responsibility for everythingContinue reading “Being Responsible Can Change The World”

Thinking is a Responsibility

Good morning, let’s dive in. What do you think?How many times were you asked that question?How many times do you actually think about the question before answering? Yes, most of the time someone asks just to get confirmation of what they already think. But sometimes they actually want to know what you think. For thatContinue reading “Thinking is a Responsibility”