Unconditional Love

Good morning, let’s get it. There are people who will love you no matter what. You might not be surrounded by them or even think it is possible, but it it true. This kind of love happens in-person. It is not because you are so cool, it isn’t because you are great, it is because…More

Being You Is Better Than Pretending To Be Someone Your Not.

Good Morning, let’s get it. The hardest part of growing up is we lose our sense of wonder. It really happens, most people lose their sense of play, their ability to imagine, their joy in their own company. They continually lose their own perspectives about life and what it means to be happy. Shit, for…More

The Last Quarter Of the Year 2022

Happy Spooky season and good morning, let’s go. I am going to start off with life can change fast. I have to go to a funeral today. A widow lost the person she was going to spend her life with, children lost their father, hero, and provider. Friends and family left hurting and no amount…More