Our Starting Point In Life Begins When WE Decide to Take Charge

Good morning, let’s go. The fucking inciting incident. In storytelling, that happens in the beginning of a story. Before that there are two common things. First, the hero of the story has a routine, a way of being. The second thing, the hero has a desire that he or she believes will make their life…More

Expectations, Joy, Misery, and Freedom

Good morning, let’s go. Expectation is the meanest son of a bitch. It defies reality, it set-up those around us to fail. It puts on them a weight they didn’t ask to bare. It puts an emotional burden on us when they don’t live up to our expectations. It is not that they did anything…More

Peace Be With You

Good morning, let’s get it. Mother fucking peace!It is word used and not thought about. It is an idea that hasn’t seen its time. It is what we seek unconsciously. It is what we want in our homes. It is what we want at work. It is what we want when we are out in…More