Death By a Thousand Clicks

To fall into habit is to begin to cease to be. Miguel de Unamuno There are a lot of things we do daily that we never intended to do. Things like play a game on our phone, scroll through an app like TikTok or eat a little treat when we get home from work. WeContinue reading “Death By a Thousand Clicks”

The Unknown Path To Success

All rising to great places is by a winding stair. Francis Bacon There is no linear path to success. The plan we laid out doesn’t show us the reality of troubles that lie ahead. Our plans don’t have the unknown, because they are unknown. If a plan is going to work it will take dedicationContinue reading “The Unknown Path To Success”

Flip The Script

What do you do when you want to change your life’s direction? What advice would you give to those just starting or starting over? Life’s Direction There is a pastor Andy Stanely who has the most practical living advice of anyone I have ever heard. If you want to grow as a leader or justContinue reading “Flip The Script”