Good Morning

Good Morning, Let’s dive in. You are choosing to have a great day. You decided no matter how you felt when you got up, you were going to kick-ass and have fun. You woke up and chose determined positivity. You looked at the day and said “No matter what I have to go through it.…More

The Mountain Is Yours

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. You are not finished. If you are reading this, there’s still time to grow, to experience love and laughter. You can still set an intention for your life. When you do the Almighty will set you up to actualize it. The hand of the Universe will test you and bless…More

Let’s Talk About Mindset

Your mindset matters. Okay, let’s be honest, when most people talk about mindset they are really talking about attitude. They don’t understand that a mindset is the control you have over your attitude. It is the preconditioning of the mind to have an attitude towards events. Let me repeat that, it is a preconditioning of…More