Plans Are Future Maps

Good morning, let’s Go! There are things in our lives, we would like to change. People we would like to meet and places we would like to go. For most of us, we won’t do any of it. The reason is we don’t have a plan to do anything to make it happen. The old…More

Four Buckets of Life

Good morning, let’s go. Money can’t buy love. Money can’t replace memories. Money can’t bring back the dead. Money can’t fix a broken home. Money can’t undo what was done. Money is exchanged for time is a necessary action for survival. No amount of money is worth missing your kid’s childhood. I don’t fucking care…More

Plan, Just Make a Plan

Good morning, let’s go. Planning is a pain in the ass. It takes time. It takes foreknowledge and guess work. It takes assumption. It is work. It is the work that needs to be done before we actually do something. Going to the gym without a plan might work for a small number of people.…More