The Rules Used To Determine How You Will Live

Good morning, let’s do it. What we do by nature is a big part of who we are. What we do by choice defines who we are. What we do out of necessity defines the limits of our bravery and imagination. We need reasons. We need reasons to explain life, so then we can function…More

The Value of Consuming Information

Good morning, let’s get to it. Two books have danced in my head the last two days. One on pricing, the other on how our minds are organized, mix in a little Ted Lasso and that is a weird thought pattern. Anyway, what strikes me and I think is worth sharing is the value of…More

Choose to Be a Positive Interaction

Good morning, let’s go. The world is full of great people and it is up to us to make sure they don’t get ruined. I know some people look at the world selfishly. They don’t see others around them. They don’t try to make someone’s day better. They don’t give a shit about others and…More