Opportunity And Growth

Good Morning, let’s jump in. Create your own opportunities. But you must know before you do. Creating your own opportunities isn’t for the faint hearted. But everyone has to do it. We have to do it in different ways, but we still have to. Most of us aren’t born into opportunities. Most of us spend…More

Do You Boo

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. The rest of the day is yours. It is yours to react to. It is yours to act on. You are free to interact with life. Don’t fucking make an excuse as to why you cannot do shit you want. The world doesn’t give two shits about your reasons for…More

Information Age and Consumer Habits Are Not For Thinkers

Good Morning, let’s go. Not everyone thinks. They may have initial thoughts, reactions, or insight, but that is as far as it goes. Most people do not stop to think. They read headlines of an article assume it is true. Shit, they read the headline and believe they read the article. Their understanding of what…More