Death, Life, and The Story We Leave Behind

Death sits at the door, in the passenger seat, and just around the corner. Until recently death, the loss of a loved one was rare. A pandemic changes that kind of thing. It put those of us who lived in relative safety in danger. I know it is not over, the world we live in…More

The First Friday The 13th of The Year

Today is the first day of the year to choose what you believe. It is the first Friday the 13th and for some it is a bad luck day. Here is the thing you can choose to see bad omens and the negative side to everything. If you do, everyday is a bad luck day.…More

The View Must Get Smaller

The world changes and for most of us the big news of the day just adds pressure. Some of the news is relevant, some necessary, but most just fear gaining attention. It jumps out at you like there is something you can do about it. The News that is. The news anchors like little heralds…More