Be True To Yourself

Good morning, let’s go! The world has a view of you.   I do believe we protect our core. We put on masks. We act a certain way. We do things to try and impress.  I gave that up. It creeps in. But I gave up pretenses. I gave up trying to appear worthy. Appearance is…More

Bad Situations Create Better Visions

Good morning, let’s go! There is a lot going on right now. I am working on a post that is going to outline my future endeavors. Where the blog and my writing path is going in 2023 and beyond. And I am still renovating the bathroom. Which has more complications than I anticipated. And as…More

The Past Matters In Shaping Tomorrow

Good morning, let’s go! Over the last two weeks I have been working on bathroom repairs. The toilet in my house has had a leak problem. When it would get flushed water would come out. It went unnoticed by us for years, because it was in our kids/guest bathroom. Over the years, this eroded the…More