Go, Grow, and Get What is Yours

Good morning, let’s go! You cannot stay in comfort, you are not a tree. You cannot stay in comfort, you are not stuck.You cannot stay in comfort, you are free. Living things grow.Growth is more than just physical.Mentally growing is hard and takes challenges.Your mind cannot grow if all the information it is given is…More

If You Can Believe In Yourself, You Can Overcome Fear

Good Morning, Let’s Go. Don’t be afraid to change everything. Don’t be afraid to walk away from what you said you wanted. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and love yourself enough to be free. Your ability to believe in yourself is your greatest asset. Do you have limits, yes. But if you…More

Subject To Change

“You‘re Under No Obligation To Be The Same Person You Were 5 Minutes Ago.”  Alan Watts Good morning, let’s go. You don’t have to be who people think you are. You don’t have to commit to being the person you thought you wanted to be. You don’t owe it to anyone to be a prisoner in your…More