Day 18: Organize Your Day

We have twenty-four hours in a calendar day. The sun is irrelevant in this twenty-four hour period. When it is up or down, doesn’t matter. We all live by this timetable, it is a way to keep account of what happened and what we want to happen. It is why life works. For some the…More

Day 17: Don’t Let The Rules Get In The Way

Rules are not laws- Rules are guidelines to life; laws have real consequences. Unless we are talking about scientific laws, which I think are unbreakable… Laws like the shit ones that get passed turning everyday people trying to live into criminals but be fought. But that is for another post. Laws like the Law of…More

Day 16: The Power of Others’ Success

Growing up I drew a lot. It was what I was known for. But there is something I was able to do that looking back now is kinda cool. I could look at something and draw it. Not perfectly- sometimes I would get close, but I learned to draw better that way. I was able…More