Day 21: Beware Byproduct Goals

When we sit down to figure out what our goals are going to be, most people focus on the outcome rather than the journey. The problem is most of our goals are a byproduct of something else. The thing they are not the main thing. If you get healthy and in good physical condition, you…More

Day 20: The World Isn’t Against You

There are months and years where nothing seems to go right. There are days that feel like life could end and you wouldn’t blink an eye. You would accept it, everything else is against you, why keep trying. The problem with this thinking is it lives in one place, the underbelly of a pig, it…More

Day 19: Dream

Some of us start out with crazy dreams. Unrealistic dreams and expectations that we will accomplish them. We have no foundation for the vision and the dream gets bigger than life and then undoable. It becomes a big overwhelming pressure. So, let’s not do that. Here is the thing, just like being grateful, dreaming is…More