A Little Better Over Time

Good Morning, Let’s Rock! This is going to be quick. Get better. Get a little better every day. Life is not a race, but a series of discoveries. Every turn puts us in a new position. We have the chance to grow, to pursue our purpose and to become better or get stuck. We can…More

When You Are The Problem

Good morning, let’s go! Struggles get easier to deal with when we understand them. So, back when video games were new. Super Mario was the shit. Run and gun games challenged our reflexes and ability to deal with what was coming ahead. After dying a thousand times we beat the stage. The stage level didn’t…More

The Power To Do

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. Attitude + Actions + Effort = Everything you are responding for. Don’t fuck around. Unless you are just trying to have fun. Your attitude can be influenced. It is up to you to control it. Attitude determines the experience we have in life. The actions we take are decisions made.…More