Choose To Be World Class

Good morning, let’s get into it. The choices we make don’t always reflect who we are and what we are capable of. It would seem as though it would on the surfaces. But we all live in the context of something else. Something more is going on and we don’t have all the information. We…More

Learn From Failure

Good morning, let’s dive in. Opportunities are out there. I know it seems hard to believe, but they do exist. Your ability to go after them depends on your willingness to fail and grow. That is right, fail. Unfortunately, that is how we learn, we use hindsight grow. We look back on what we did…More

The Work You Choose

Good Morning, let’s go. We were meant for rest. The human body wasn’t meant to be stressed out all day long. It wasn’t meant to be working hard for long periods of time, unless your jogging. We excel at doing less. I know a few people who can’t help but work a lot. They have…More