Day 14: The Power of Laughter

Shit happens. Good, bad, shit happens.It happens to all of us. I have gallows humor. I laugh at the misfortune that befalls me and others. I know it won’t last, I know it is temporary. I know pain and even in its most permanent states laughing in the abyss is better than crying.Yes, there are…More

Day 13: The Power of Emotions

The initial thought for this post is gratitude because of the ability to change how you see the world, but that would short change you. (We also went over it a few days ago) So, the reality we live in is emotions are motivators. Emotions are the movers and shakers of human life- without it…More

Day 12: The Power of Thinking

Thinking isn’t believing. It isn’t hoping. It is the ability to reason. The problem we have is we believe more than we think. To be a rugged optimist, doesn’t mean you just believe. It means you reason too. You have to think things through. If shit worked out before and you think it will again,…More