Who Do You Want To Be?

The Self-help world is full of books that will tell you how to become someone, not really. Most tell you how the author became someone and offers it as advice. Hey, they are someone, and you could be them. It doesn’t really work. Most of us want to become someone, or something, the question who…More

There Will Always Be Regrets

Most successful people lie when it comes to regrets. They act like they don’t have them, or talk like the mistake was a learning moment. But the truth is they have regrets, just like everyone who quit on their dream before they even gave themselves the chance to try. They, WE have regrets. It is…More

The Price of Personal Development

Personal development is the belief that you are worth the effort, time and energy needed to develop yourself. Denis Waitley Do not stop believing in yourself. I know negative self-talk will point out the flaws in your existence. Do not hold a grudge against it. See it as an opportunity to work on yourself. We…More