Success Isn’t Based On Yourself Perception

Good Morning, Let’s go. There is always a pressure that things need to be done now. If not done, then we will miss out. Or that we will be too old and we will miss out chance at doing what we love. We feel a time pressure- the world is caving in around us. We…More

The Cost of Opportunities

Good morning, let’s go. You have a kick-ass day. I am serious. Enjoy your day, have fun. Do something that echoes into the future that will make your life better. Get your blood running. Feel alive. Take deep breaths in and out. Reassure yourself no matter what happens you will make your way. Life is…More

Expectations, Joy, Misery, and Freedom

Good morning, let’s go. Expectation is the meanest son of a bitch. It defies reality, it set-up those around us to fail. It puts on them a weight they didn’t ask to bare. It puts an emotional burden on us when they don’t live up to our expectations. It is not that they did anything…More