Writing- Pantser, Plotting, and NANOWRIMO

Hey, I know it is late. But let’s go anyway. Alright, nanowrimo is National Novel Writing Month. It is a hard work. The word count to hit is 50,000 words. Those words do not exist until they get put down. I as you know am participating in it. Shit is hard work. This is onlyContinue reading “Writing- Pantser, Plotting, and NANOWRIMO”

What The Hell Should I Write, NANOWRIMO

Good Night, Shit, it is kinda late. Alright, I had no time to write a post this morning. I had to get my 850 words in. Priorities. I also had to get them in before I could write tonight. Yesterday, I was full of fear that I wasn’t going to be able to write aContinue reading “What The Hell Should I Write, NANOWRIMO”

October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year

Good morning, let’s go. We got two months left of the year. That is it 61 days. 61 days to new resolutions.61 days to new goals.61 days to new diets.61 days to put off doing shit you should have done 304 days ago. Tomorrow is November… For writers it is the temptation month of nanowrimo.Continue reading “October 31st, Nanowrimo, and Goal Setting For Next Year”