You Are In Control of Your Time And Energy

Good Morning, Let’s go. You are the creative power in the world. You are the life blood of our society. You are the good times. You are the vibe we are missing. What we do with our time matters. What we choose to spend our only precious life energy on matters. We don’t get them…More

The Mountain Is Yours

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. You are not finished. If you are reading this, there’s still time to grow, to experience love and laughter. You can still set an intention for your life. When you do the Almighty will set you up to actualize it. The hand of the Universe will test you and bless…More

Imperfection Is A Gift

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. We all have to face the fact that we won’t be the best at everything. I know, in our minds, there is someone who is. You know the old saying, “No one is perfect” In my opinion everyone is blessed with imperfections. This gives us all two things, the first…More