Writing This Post Took Me Two Days

Good morning, let’s go. So, I did my best to write this Fucking blog post over the weekend. Do you want to know what I did instead of writing. I took notes on how to write better. That’s right. I didn’t do the simplest thing I know how to do, write thoughts down. There isContinue reading “Writing This Post Took Me Two Days”

Attitude and Obstacles to Your Routine

Good morning, let’s go. The third day in a fucking row! This time it was a half hour of my morning. A half hour of my morning cleaning up dog shit everywhere. I am done. I got nothing. Get up, get after it, enjoy your day. Interruptions in your routine are a part of life.Continue reading “Attitude and Obstacles to Your Routine”

Routine and The Hike to Glory

Good morning, let’s go. I woke up to cleaning dog shit yesterday. I don’t know, what is going on with my dog, but no one wants to wake up at 3:30am to clean shit. This morning, I woke up to the same surprise… So, there are times in life when shit is just not goingContinue reading “Routine and The Hike to Glory”