Unconditional Love

Good morning, let’s get it. There are people who will love you no matter what. You might not be surrounded by them or even think it is possible, but it it true. This kind of love happens in-person. It is not because you are so cool, it isn’t because you are great, it is because…More


Good morning, let’s dive in. Reality is a bitch. A mean, heartbreaking, soul stealing, life ruining, bitch. And, and life is a beautiful, caring, nurturing, intoxicating, dream. There are horrible things that happen. There are people who commit horrible acts against innocent men, women, and children. There are people who are callous to the damage…More

Doom Scrolling And Golf Courses

Good morning, let’s go. With the world imploding because of our abuse of the planet, greed, and ableism. There is a shit ton of bad news. All the fucking time. Not only that we, humanity, act like our bullshit hobbies are more important that reality. We act as if because someone has money, they have…More