Sheep, Goats, and Deeds

Jesus tells a story about a shepherd separating sheep from goats. A parable of the end- a judgement. The basis of the judgement: how they treated the least of these.Those who go to heaven, had helped out their fellow man. They cared for the poor, the immigrants, the sick, those in prison; they didn’t see…More

Good Morning, Start Again

So, we are back, but not to your regular blog post schedule. I know, 30 days straight was rough. I personally am not a fan of that being in my in box, but others like it. Not to recap, but towards the end there my personal attitude became that of a positive go getter and…More

Day 30: Some Zen Sh*t

Before we get on to the meat of our last day, congratulations! We did it! 30 days of positive thinking… It is just fine if you didn’t, I did. Just writing has had an impact on my day to day and when shit doesn’t go my way. So, on the mindset front it has been…More