That Small Voice Is Changeable

There’s a coward in all of us. The smallest leech sucking our life of flavor and vigor. This little shit, sits in the back of our mind and like a Spidey sense, and shouts like a stubbed fucking toe, “this is dangerous and will hurt us.” This coward lives and moves all of us. It…More

A Diverse Life

If you can stop one moment to appreciate your life. If you could slow down and take this moment to look around, you could feel alive. All you have to do is stop. Stop thinking. Stop doing. Stop working. Stop trying to figure things out and just be. Being is the apex of human living.…More

Put January Behind You

Have you ever got a gym membership in December, just to go one week in January. Yeah, fuck that membership. Really, drop it. Go to the gym and let them know you are fucking done. Okay use email, I guess unsubscribe, whatever it takes to not have that payment and mental burden. The diet- oh…More