Goals and Effort

Good Morning, Let’s roll! Goal setting is guess work. Especially if can only assume doing certain things will attain a certain outcome. When the goal something outside of your normal experience, you don’t know what to expect. Which leaves you a question mark with the amount of effort it will take to achieve the goal.…More

The Socail Standards and Some Sh!T on How Things Are

Good Morning, Let’s roll. Don’t FUCKING measure your life by the standards of society. There are rich people who had all of the advantages, connections, and good genetics. There are poor people who had only one disadvantage and it wouldn’t let them rise out of their life’s situation. There are physically gifted athletes that never…More

Effort and Life

Good Morning, Let’s go. Effort is the only thing you have control of. That is a great thought, but the truth is the Almighty made each of us different. Each of us has a fluctuating capacity to do things. Not only does our ability to act and react fluctuate, it is also limited. The older…More