What is Life Asking of You

Life has hard times. For example, I have been out of toilet paper and had to wash my ass off in the shower. As a kid, me and my younger brother took cold showers together because we didn’t have hot water. As a young adult who was vegan at the time, I lived off ofContinue reading “What is Life Asking of You”

Work And Your Life

A Short List About Work: Do the work. Determine what the true work is. Remember you do the work in order to accomplish something. The work you do will end, the effect of the work you do will leave a ripple in time. Life is short and even the smallest part of your life willContinue reading “Work And Your Life”

Finding Your Purpose or Purpose in Your Pain

There is a difference between real limitations and ones imposed on us by nature or reality. To spend your whole life imagining you were taller, to dream of it, to hope for it is a waste of time. You and I grow to a certain height and then we stop. We can modify our looksContinue reading “Finding Your Purpose or Purpose in Your Pain”