The Power To Do

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. Attitude + Actions + Effort = Everything you are responding for. Don’t fuck around. Unless you are just trying to have fun. Your attitude can be influenced. It is up to you to control it. Attitude determines the experience we have in life. The actions we take are decisions made.…More

Tragedy And Anger

Good Morning, Let’s go. Anger. I am angry about another tragic school shooting. I am angry at our systems and society. I am angry at the entire fucking thing. I am not shocked. I am not shocked. I am not shocked. I am fucking angry that I don’t even feel shock at a horrific news.…More

Experience is Hindsight Knowledge

Good Morning, let’s jump in. Don’t worry about getting things right the first time. It is a waste of your emotional energy, worry that is. Worry is imagining only a negative outcome and ultimately manifesting that outcome. Worry is only good in the planning stage. After you plan to do something worrying doesn’t help. It…More