Nino Olson, Life Coach

Good Morning, Let’s Go. There is something about the habit of writing that makes people certain of what they believe. They write it down and reinforce their own thinking. Right or wrong, they are committed- shit, everyone has read what they wrote. They can’t go back now. Stupid. It is like the religious fervor aroundContinue reading “Nino Olson, Life Coach”

Health, Wealth, And Human Desire

Good morning, let’s get it. What do we all want? We want to be healthy, wealthy, and purpose. We want continually. Humans are desire machines. We want more and more and more. Like a good time we can’t get enough of what we like. Over the last week I was laying out a mindset onContinue reading “Health, Wealth, And Human Desire”

You Can Make Life Memorable

Good morning, Let’s Get It. Today is just a normal day. There is nothing I know of that will make today special, besides me. That is right, I am the difference maker of the day. I am the difference maker in my life and day. You are too. We have the power to control ourContinue reading “You Can Make Life Memorable”