The Power To Change The World

Good morning, let’s go. The shitty part about living in a world full of diverse suffering, pain, and systemic problems is it leave us feeling helpless. Superman can stop a supervillain from destroying the world, but can’t end poverty. The President can call the troops home, but not stop the school bully. The police only…More

The Work Of Leaders and The Problems of Today, Kind of.

Good morning, let’s get it. The work. It is on my fucking mind. Why? Because we have problems. As a global community, we have problems. As nations, we have problems. As cities, we have problems. As small communities, that’s fucking right, we have problems. Because, as individuals we have a lot of problems. Unfortunately, all…More

Don’t Get Stuck, Write Your Own Life Story

Good morning, let’s get it. What do you do when it is time to turn the page in life? Do you keep your finger on the last page you read? Do you have a finger holding on to a place thirteen pages ago? Do you forget everything that came before the new page? Are you…More