The Burrito of Goal Setting

Good Morning, let’s go. Have you ever had a loose burrito? You know what I mean. A burrito with everything a burrito has, but not wrapped tight. It’s fucking annoying. You have to watch it, the foodstuff is always on a kamikaze mission for the floor. Then you watch as the good burrtio stuffing falls…More

Failing Forward Forever

Good Morning, let’s roll. Create the life you want to live, don’t wait. Take action today as if no matter what you do, you will get there. Have the attitude that if you put in the work, you will get what you want. Have the joy, the pleasure, and the Fucking Audacity, to go for…More

Don’t Buy Someone Else’s Life, It Won’t Fit You

What matters is what happens in your head. I know, crazy shit to think. But there are thousands of books on manifesting your life, the law of attraction, how to pray, why your prayers aren’t answered, and many more. These books that are meant to shape your worldview, revise the world to help you take…More