Process and Getting Shit Done

Good morning, let’s go. We all start a journey of life as a prebuilt character. Our height, our skin color, our, facial features, our abilities, our hair type and color, all that with a set of genetic instructions passed down from the beginning of human life on earth. And let’s be honest that shit isn’tContinue reading “Process and Getting Shit Done”

Your Life’s Echo

Good morning, let’s go. A lot happens in our personal lives that affects each of us differently. The echo of actions and lives of others change our journey in radical ways. From heartbreak to life partner to best friend, we don’t have control over the consequences when it comes to relationships. Two years ago, myContinue reading “Your Life’s Echo”

Lead or Follow, Whatever Intention You Have is Part of The Journey

Good morning, let’s go. Leading your own life isn’t, everyone’s journey. I know, most of the writing out there, especially in self-development, talks about it. They talk about how you should lead your life. I do the same damn thing. The reason is for most people reading this it is sound advice. You want toContinue reading “Lead or Follow, Whatever Intention You Have is Part of The Journey”