Lead or Follow, Whatever Intention You Have is Part of The Journey

Good morning, let’s go. Leading your own life isn’t, everyone’s journey. I know, most of the writing out there, especially in self-development, talks about it. They talk about how you should lead your life. I do the same damn thing. The reason is for most people reading this it is sound advice. You want toContinue reading “Lead or Follow, Whatever Intention You Have is Part of The Journey”

Having A Plan

Good morning, let’s go. Do you want to know what holds most people back from getting shit done? It is simple, they lack a plan. Crazy, right? They have dreams, goals, desires, intentions, but no plans to get there. It is more common than you think. It isn’t that people don’t know how. It takesContinue reading “Having A Plan”

Choosing Your Mindset

Good morning, let get it. Mindset matters. Your mindset matters.How you think about life matters.How you consider problems matters. Mindset is not stagnant.Your mind changes all the time.The experience you have in life either confirm or confront what you think.If you don’t give yourself freedom to think differently, you will always be a prisoner. TheContinue reading “Choosing Your Mindset”