Stories Have Heroes

Good Morning, let’s get it. The stories we love have a hero we connect with. In every story, every good story, They put our hero or something the hero cares about in jeopardy. It sucks to be the hero. Their story isn’t rooted in smoothing sailing, it is based in their struggle. We connect with…More

Being You Is Better Than Pretending To Be Someone Your Not.

Good Morning, let’s get it. The hardest part of growing up is we lose our sense of wonder. It really happens, most people lose their sense of play, their ability to imagine, their joy in their own company. They continually lose their own perspectives about life and what it means to be happy. Shit, for…More

Writing This Post Took Me Two Days

Good morning, let’s go. So, I did my best to write this Fucking blog post over the weekend. Do you want to know what I did instead of writing. I took notes on how to write better. That’s right. I didn’t do the simplest thing I know how to do, write thoughts down. There is…More