Attitude Over Everything

Good Morning, Let’s Go. Two weeks left of the year. A time to reflect, to enjoy the embrace of loved ones, mourn those we lost, and dream of what is to come. For some of us the year ahead will be fucking hard. For others of us it will be easy.It doesn’t matter though. What…More

If You Can Believe In Yourself, You Can Overcome Fear

Good Morning, Let’s Go. Don’t be afraid to change everything. Don’t be afraid to walk away from what you said you wanted. Don’t be afraid to look in the mirror and love yourself enough to be free. Your ability to believe in yourself is your greatest asset. Do you have limits, yes. But if you…More

Chase Fire

Good morning, Let’s go! There is something pulling at me. It is the truth that what I want isn’t what I say I want.  The world wants things. It has preset desires. The world… People, people want things. People want to be safe and secure. People want to be caged animals. They want to be…More