The Worlds We Dwell In Live In Our Minds.

There are many places we live. Most take place in our heads. They are “what if” scenarios. We play them out imagining outcomes. Some take place in our real lives, job interviews, dates, hard conversations. Others in fantasy worlds. Who would win in a fight, The Hulk or Superman? Writing fiction is to make time…More

2023 is a Good Place To Start or Start Over

My worldly aim is to make a living writing. It seems like a good use of my time. Or more honestly put, it is a way to put my mind at easy and to use my ingrained creative nature to make a living. For some, life makes sense and things are just so. They say…More

A Reason to Be Organized

Good Morning, let’s go! Life is short.It seems like we have all the time in the world. That there will be time to get shit done. That goals and dreams are okay to put on the back burner. That there are more pressing matters to attend to. It seems that what we want can wait,…More