Feeling Lost In Life

Good Morning, Let’s get going. Sometimes we get lost. I shit you not. Before smartphones, people carried fucking maps. It was a necessity for every vehicle to have a map. And once you got lost, you had to find your place on that map. Unlike the map at the mall there is no you are…More


What is human? To make mistakes is human. To feel pain is human. To love is human. To laugh is human. To forgive is human. To play is human. To need is human. To feel fear is human. To act on emotions is human. To want to belong is human. To react is human. To…More

The Power To Do

Good Morning, Let’s jump in. Attitude + Actions + Effort = Everything you are responding for. Don’t fuck around. Unless you are just trying to have fun. Your attitude can be influenced. It is up to you to control it. Attitude determines the experience we have in life. The actions we take are decisions made.…More