Belief is Like a Box of Chocolates

Good morning, lets dance! Don’t believe everything that is old. Don’t believe dumb shit. A long time ago it was given that there were Gods and Goddesses. A long time ago, it changed to a singular God. A long time ago life was much more personal. When things happened to you, it was because of…More

Repent From Hate

What is normal? Is it normal to hate? Is it normal to blame societal problems on small groups of people? Is it normal to hate people different than you? Is it normal to claim high morality if covering up wrong doings is more important than the truth? Is it normal to hate? Pride month, what…More

Feeling Lost In Life

Good Morning, Let’s get going. Sometimes we get lost. I shit you not. Before smartphones, people carried fucking maps. It was a necessity for every vehicle to have a map. And once you got lost, you had to find your place on that map. Unlike the map at the mall there is no you are…More