WE Are Mighty

Good Morning, let’s jump in. There are times I feel powerless. Like I cannot change things that need to be changed. It feels like I am looking at the bottom of the barrel and wondering if I look up am I a fish someone else is ready to shoot. I know we are all feeling…More

Don’t Quit

Good morning, let’s go. It is the last day of Pride month, not the last day of being proud of yourself. The world is a harsh place. I wish it weren’t. I wish it was a place of love and acceptance. I wish it was a place where peace and safety ruled. It is not.…More

Killing Your Comfort Zone

Good Morning, let’s go. Most of us keep to ourselves. We hope that nothing gets asked of us. That our comfort zone only gets challenged by fun things like a trip to Disney Land. The truth is easier than that; most of us only have to expand our comfort zone when we switch jobs. On…More